Mike Hanrahan Songs From The Box Room October 2023

Hope (poem)

Craggy Hill


The Crimson Warrior

Inside I'm Dancing


Chase The Moon

A River Rolls on (with Forgetmenots)

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Ballad of The Crimson Warrior Film and Soundtrack April 2023 Bandcamp


Stocktons Wing Live album Hometown released January 2022

On Tara/ Universal Ireland




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Beautiful Affair 2019

Raglan Road 2018

Produced anmd arranged by Mike Hanrahan and Gavin Glass

Video Production Killian Broderick


Stocktons Wing 2019

We Had it all





Produced By Sonny Condell
Arranged by Mike Hanrahan Sonny Condell

Click Here for a full mp3 download of 'Firefighter' from the new album 'What you Know' (approx. 3.6mb).



30 second MP3
Audio Clips

1. Firefighter  
2. Garden Of Roses
3. White Vapour Trail  
4. Cradled in Your Arms
5. No One living Here  
6. Falling Down
7. Streets of the City  
8. Today
9. From The Blue  
10. Indians and Aliens
11. Away From Love  

Engineer Rod Callan
Recorded and mixed at The Works Grand Canal Street Dublin June 2002
Mastered by Bob Boughton at Richmond Studios , Dublin.
Sleeve design and Artwork Shay Kennedy MacArt

The Rattle Band

  • Garvan Galagher: Bass Guitars and Backing Vocals.
  • Eddie McGinn: Drums and Percussion.
  • Steve Flaherty: Electric Guitar
  • Sierd De Jong: Fiddle and Bouzouki
  • Gina Condell: Voice on Falling Down.
  • Rod Callan: Special effects
  • Sonny Condell: Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals.
  • Mike Hanrahan: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars

All tracks IMRO/MCPS Except Track 4 No One Living here Published by Acorn Music/ MH Music

My greatest and warmest thank you goes to Donna who encouraged me to stop making plans about plans about other plans and just go for it.

For those who will listen I wish you well and sincerely hope you enjoy the experience. I was once told that life is simply about 'WHAT YOU KNOW and WHAT YOU KNOW is what you should search the earth for'.

The recording is dedicated to the memory of Tommy McGann and Tom McPhail who left the party far too early but most of all I dedicate the music and in particular Firefighter to the memory of my dad, Jackie, a constant inspiration.

All the best, Mike

Mike Hanrahan
'What You Know'
(Dinky Records)
"This album definitely falls into the 'about time' category. It's been eight years since we last heard from the former Stockton's Wing frontman, and feels like longer.
No matter, it was worth waiting for. The eleven tracks in this fine collection could function as textbook examples of how to write a well-crafted song. The CD opens with 'Firefighter', written as a tribute to Hanrahan's father just a few weeks after his death. It's an ultimately optimistic ballad about hope, healing, and the need to accept a helping hand; and like the songs that follow, it has a universal, all-embracing sentiment to it that goes far beyond the particular circumstances that provided the inspiration.
'What You Know' was produced by Sonny Condell of Scullion fame and features excellent musicianship from a crack outfit of session pros -- notably Dutch fiddler Siard de Jong, whose elegant flourishes play a call-and-response game with Hanrahan's guitar on 'Indians And Aliens', a nostalgic song about Star Wars and John Wayne, co-written with Eamon Murray. Other successful collaborations on the CD include the noir-ish
'From The Blue', written with Shea McNellis; 'No One Living Here', a softly understated elegy that Hanrahan wrote with Brendan Graham; and 'White Vapour Trail', written with Condell, an upbeat number with a slightly retro surf-rock feel that suits Hanrahan's rough-edged voice.
The album closes with 'Away From Love', another perfect song. One of the great things that distinguishes Hanrahan from many of his contemporaries is that he isn't afraid of simplicity: he can write a line like "I close my eyes / I think of you, yeah yeah, you and I" and sing it like he means every word. Now that's what I call songwriting."

Sarah McQuaid - Evening Hearald

Galway Advertiser on October 3.
Mike Hanrahan - What You Know (Dinky Records)
"FORMER STOCKTON'S Wing frontman, Mike Hanrahan has released a deeply personal album driven by acoustic and electric guitars.
The theme of family is important to Hanrahan and forms the core of three of the key songs on the album. The exuberant 'Firefighter' is a celebration of his father, while there is a regret-tinged tribute to his mother on the sparse and poignant 'No One Living Here' written with Brendan Graham.
Hanrahan shows he has lost none of his ability as a fine songwriter, crafting strong chorus and very nice chord change to catch the attention for the verses. This is best heard in 'Streets Of The City' one of the standout tracks on What You Know and 'Indians and Aliens' with its wonderful opening line: He was a simple man/Who loved Star Wars and John Wayne.
Hanrahan's writing, the solid musicianship, and production by Sonny Condell outweigh the odd shortcoming to produce what is a very satisfying album."


"Ennis, Co. Clare, is a hotbed of Irish music. However, the music Mike Hanrahan took to the world is not in the traditional vein (but so is Ennis, chosen by Eircom to be Information Age Town). Mike performed American country-like songs with singer Maura O'Connell , and later joined Stockton's Wing, one of the pioneers to work contemporary songs around traditional tunes. Besides his commitments as musical partner of Ronnie Drew, both played the Folkwoods Festival 2001, chairman of the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO), and the one or another take, Mike like his former Wing colleague Maurice Lennon eventually found some time and peace to record eleven of his own songs. Musically it's quite a sort of easy-listening folk pop, though Mike's voice sounds husky and seasoned. He can be full of hope, but primarily he's reflective, melancholic, sometimes dark: And as we look deep into the mirror, do we salute what we've become? God's greatest creation, almost done. But Mike isn't done, he's just starting."

Walkin' T:-)M FolkWorld




2007 Single release Learning to let go

Mike Hanrahan

1994 Festival of Irish Folk Wundertutte Germany
1995 "SOMEONE LIKE YOU" Wundertutte Germany, Crashed Music

2002 What You Know 2002 "What you Know" Dinky records Sonny Condell Producer

With Ronnie Drew
1999 Ronnie Drew The Humour Is On Me Now Dara Records producer/ performer
2005 An Evening with Ronnie Drew and Mike Hanrahan Dinky producer/ performer

2002 Single - Tell me ma dance mix Holland

With Ronnie Drew /Eleanor Shanley

2001 A Couple More Years Producer /Performer

2006 El Amor da mi Vida - Producer/ performer

With Stocktons Wing
1980 TAKE A CHANCE Tara Records
1982 Light in the Western Tara Records
1985 Take One" Stocktons Wing Live Revolving Records
1986 American Special Tara Records
1986 Full Flight Polygram
1987 The Collection Tara records
1988 Celtic Roots Revival Polygram
1990 The Crooked Rose Tara Records

2006 Take One 1985 Live CD reissue Tara Records

1994 Finbar Furey The Gathering

1996 Bohinta Grandmothers eyes producer

1998 With Kieran Hanrahan Irish Tenor Banjo

2000 With Reel Beautiful Affair producer

2005 The Legends Of Irish Folk Dolphin Discs Compilation

2006 1916 commemoration CD/ DVD Dolphin Compilation.

2006 Parcel of Rogues Dolphin Discs Compilation.



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